Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jay Chou ongoing with a film "The Green Hornet"

Jay Chou has been busy filming "The Green Hornet" in Hollywood, recently in order to fully support his junior female apprentice Cindy Yen, he took time out of his busy schedule to fly back to Taipei to film the MV for the two's duet "Sand Painting", the director Kuang Sheng built a massive sand shore on the set, he hired the only spray paint teacher in Taiwan to spray on the wall ever changing clouds. Jay Chou especially played the cello for Cindy in the MV, on the other hand Cindy Yen showed off her piano skills and violin skills, the two "harmonize the two instruments to perform the beautiful dialogue between the piano and cello."

Jay Chou sang the r&b song "Sand Painting" with Cindy, it's an exception to his usual practice of only singing songs he has written himself with girls. According to reports, Cindy went through a lot during the writing of "Sand Painting", when she wrote the first version she didn't dare to give it directly to Jay Chou, she hid outside the recording studio watching Jay's reaction, after "judging" it Jay Chou said: "This song's not bad, but it's more suitable for you to sing it yourself." After being rejected all Cindy could do was go back and try harder, she kept on thinking about what song would be suitable for her to sing with her senior male apprentice, she gave him a second song, after hearing it, he said: "Yea, keep trying!" She knew it wasn't ok, after suffering rejection twice in a row, Cindy persisted in doing her best, she kept thinking about music that suits both their domains and feel, she even especially designed a rap in the song for Jay Chou, she worked on it all night, and at last got Jay Chou's approval.

When filming the MV, Cindy's piano and violin were against Jay Chou's cello, the set was filled with smoke. After their battle, Jay Chou praised her musical ability: "Cindy's piano playing skills are really amazing! She is as good as Yuhao, but for a girl to be able to play at this pace and crazy power, it's really cool and surprising! She was completely different when I was singing with her, you see she is very quiet when singing, but once she starts playing the piano she is completely different! The important point is she can write songs, you have your own style by writing your own songs!"

Cindy was very grateful to Jay Chou, what made her even more touched was that Jay Chou rushed to the set to join the filming as soon as he returned to Taiwan, it was her first time filming an MV, Cindy said: "I was so nervous I couldn't sleep! I had not idea whatsoever what I had to prepare, my senior apprentice told me I had to relax, he looked after me like a sister, I'm so lucky to be able to sing with my senior apprentice!"

After receiving guidance from Jay Chou, Cindy quickly learned how to get into the state, in order to set the scene for the song, they built a sand setting on the set, with the wind blowing the sand after the filming Cindy had sand all over her, she didn't mind and said it was all worth it! In the MV Jay Chou had a mixed style look, a black jacket, white trainers, he had on a hip hop cap and leather gloves, he matched the mix of classical and r&b of this song, when he was playing the cello he put out a cool pose, with a speed so fast that your ears can't catch up, he played out the melody from the cello at lightning speed, the director was stunned! He laughed saying he really knows how to show off!

Jay Chou didn't forget to teach the newcomer Cindy, firstly he laughed saying she had to be careful of the paparazzi! He also told her: "Don't mind too much about discussions online, because writers don't take attacks! There's lots online, a majority of them are jealous, envious." He said directly: "I think you have to know how to re-adjust yourself."

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