Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ongoing drama "Hi My Sweetheart"

Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) and Rainie Yang filmed the CTS idol drama and slapped for real. When the director gave the signal, Rainie did not utter a word and “papapa” gave nine slaps on Show’s face. Show was astonished and almost became infuriated. He immediately looked into a mirror and sourly said, “Is my face red? No one has slapped my face before, Rainie Yang, you’re in big trouble!”

Actually, once Rainie finished slapping him, she was astonished as well because Show’s face wasn’t only red like a pig’s liver, but it was also swollen. It looked like he was a poor little boy who experience family abuse. Though, this is due to Show’s own physique; his skin and blood veins are rather weak. A little soft hit may cause a contusion, but on top of that he cares a lot about his appearance; his face is more important than his life. He even said it himself that when he was young and fought with classmates, he threatened them saying, “You want to fight, let’s fight, but try to touch my face if you dare.”

is scheduled to premiere on November 1st, and it’s still filming in Kaohsiung right now. This slapping scene is about the “violent girl” Rainie who was mad at Show for lying to her, and immediately slapped him. The script said that it is three continuous slaps, and plus the director has to film the long, short, and close shots, so it became nine slaps. Since Show started filming dramas, he had never been slapped before. When he saw the script, he thought the slap will just be an angled effect, so when Rainie slapped for real, Show’s whole expression was stunned. Though, because everyone was staring at them, and they are from the same company, he can only hold it all in.

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