Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kelly Chen's son 100 days old

Kelly Chen's son Liu Sheng (Nickname : Little Shrimp Dumpling)1 turned 100 days old yesterday. And Kelly posted a picture of her son on her blog to share with her fans. The 3 months old Little Shrimp Dumpling weight 16.5pounds (approx. 7.5kgs), with chubby cheeks - very very cute and adorable. In the blog post, besides this photo (the one above), there were also photos of Kelly and the son. Those photographs were very "warmed".

Kelly wrote on her blog : Little Shrimp Dumpling is finally 100 days old! Very happy to see him grew bigger and bigger each day. He now weights 16.5pounds (approx. 7.5kgs). A lot of people have been asking me whether do I have a photograph of Little Shrimp Dumpling, now I am showing him to all the brothers and sisters.

Since it is Little Shrimp Dumpling's 100 days old, she decided to take a recent photograph of him and upload it on her blog. In the photograph, we could see Little Shrimp Dumpling's round and energetic eyes and thick hair. Although Little Shrimp Dumpling's 100 days has passed, but they did not hold any grand celebration fearing that Little Shrimp Dumpling might get infected by the recent diseases (swine flu)2.

Workload increases. Stop breast feeding.

With the recent increase in workload, Kelly has to stop breast feeing Little Shrimp Dumpling. He has been drinking milk powder now. He needs approximately 6 meals a day leading to a drastic increase in his weight. Every 2 weeks, his clothes becomes too small for him. He loves to play with water during bath, laughing non stop, making his parents happy and amused at the same time.

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