Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wonder Girls is at China Mobile Festival performing

Having being so sucessful in the states, Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” will take step into China’s market this time.

Wonder Girls will be attending China Mobile Festival held on the 28th this month in Beijing, and will be performing hit song “Nobody”.

The festival is one of the biggest event that the mobile company & the department of culture & arts jointly organised. International top star including Jackie Chan & Zhang Ziyi will also be attending the event.

Wonder Girls will be representing korea’s artiste for this event & will be performing “Nobody”. Also, the Wonder Girls will also be attending the closing red carpet ceremony.

Since June 2009, Wonder Girls had digitally released their hit single “Nobody” in the United States, taking up the challenge by entering the US market. However, this time round the girls will also be releasing it in mandarin version, to venture out for the chinese market, as reported earlier by Wonder Girls & producer JYP himself when they were at the press conference during their visit in China in June.

The soaring popularity of Wonder Girls is tremendously increasing, the request for the girls to perform on big events are extremely high.

Previously, Wonder Girls did not participate actively with promotions in China. However, their company JYP Entertainment expressed that they are ready & prepared to take on the china market. Also expressed that, the first solo concert in China will take place in Shanghai, on December 2 2009. This would be the time for the Wonder Girls to showcase their title deemed as “Asia Sisters” in china once again, hopefully they would receive much attention.

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