Sunday, October 18, 2009

A list of 44th Golden Bell Award

Best Drama: Black And White (痞子英雄)
Best Director: Tsai Yue Xun (Black And White 痞子英雄)
Best Male Actor: Mark Chao You Ting (Black And White 痞子英雄)
Best Female Actress: Liu Rui Qi 劉瑞琪 (Marriage For Three Women 女仨的婚事)
Best Supporting Male Actor: Chen Bo Zheng 陳博正 (You're My One And Only 你是我的唯一)
Best Supporting Female Actress: Huang Jia Qian 黃嘉千 (The Story Of Time 光陰的故事)
Best Screenplay: Liu Rui Qi 劉瑞琪 (Marriage For Three Women (女仨的婚事))
Best Variety Show Host: Hu Gua 胡瓜 (Challenge 101 挑戰 101)
Best Variety Show: The Biggest Political Party (全民最大黨)
Best General TV Program: The China Experience (中國大體驗)
Best Commercial Series: My Queen Commercial Series (《败犬女王》印象版系列广告)
Best Marketing: Black And White (痞子英雄)

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