Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mega-Idol drama serial "Down With Love"

After many months of hectic filming, finally the Mega-Idol drama serial [Down With Love] - a collaboration between Jin Xi TV, An Xi Wei Shi and Taiwan's GTV stations, wrapped up filming in Taiwan this month. During the post-filming celebrations, Ella appeared dressed in a little black dress, a complete constrast to her down-to-earth Cinderella's look in the serial. Ella's transformation into "Sexy Goddess" has got the child starlet, Xiao Xiao Bin, exclaiming aloud, "Ella-jie jie is very gorgeous, I don't dare to look at her."

Being a mega idol serial and a collaboration across the shores, [DWL] has a strong casting. The bubbly and carefree Ella took on the challenge to act as a "down and out" former little rich girl, juggling multiple jobs in order to return the debts her father owed. But while working for her employer, played by Jerry Yan, the couple ended up falling in love. Ella was excited about the storyline of the script and when asked to share on one of her most memorable experiences, it also revolved around experiences between them. "For instance, when we arrived in Hangzhou, the temperature was very hot. But yet, the whole production team all got together to watch the Solar Eclipse. He (Jerry) was constantly exclaiming - It's like a miracle and just like the end of the world. Another memorable and special experience is during the last day of filming when we were at Yang Ming Mountain, and we heard the sounds of the fireworks from the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games." [DWL] has filmed for 3 months and the cast endured filming under the scorching heat of 40 degree celsius and sacrificed many hours of sleep. Nonetheless, Ella is still very excited. For at one moment, she could be wearning a little yellow cap and a round-neck white blouse with a blue pinafore with a Chibi Maruko-chan look; and at the other moment, she is required to piggyback a 20kg prop refrigerator to run up and down. Every exaggerating image and styling she has to put on, and each romantic and funny scene has allowed her to satisfy her every acting craving she has had since 3 years back.

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