Monday, October 05, 2009

MC Mong's fifth album released on October 6th

Her comeback to the entertainment industry was announced quite a while ago, and her battle against Lee Hyori was predicted among the fans. The battle is yet to start, but IVY couldn't wait to present to the audience.

IVY took her first step to her comeback by participated in MC Mong's new album, Humanimal Repackage, even if her own album hasn't been out yet. She successfully featured the song "I Am....", written by MayBee, The lyrics contain a heartfelt story about a couple facing the reality of their breakup.

MC Mong's agency stated "After receiving the demo CD, we tried to come up with a female vocalist who can feature this song perfectly. We believed it was an ideal song for IVY, and there was no doubt about it. We decided no other female artists can digest this song as well as IVY, and we weren't hesitant to ask her. After listening to the song, she favored it personally and managed to participate despite her busy schedule due to her new upcoming album. Her matured singing especially stood out in this song, and it will touch millions of our fans." In my opinion, among the countless female vocalists that have worked with MC Mong, IVY was the best to bring out her style of music while featuring.

IVY and MC Mong worked together as a duet since 2006. Their ensemble of two different, yet similar, styles of voice were shown for the song "Naughty Movie" listed in MC Mong's third album.
Meanwhile, MC Mong's fifth album is expected to be released on October 6th, with 3 new songs alongside the 15 original songs. No one can be sure if MC Mong will survive through the tough competition between the idol groups nowadays.

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