Saturday, October 03, 2009

New single called "Brilliant Stars"

Ryuichi Kawamura released his new single called "Brilliant Stars". He was dreaming of becoming a musician during his teens. "The lyric 'looking up the sky at night' relates to looking at starlit sky and dreaming of becoming an artist when I were a student. There were stars all over the sky when heading home to Kamagawa where I lived back then after I left the shows in Shibuya. I were looking at them and wishing I could sing on the stage someday." he said.
About LUNA SEA which has been eager for a reunion: "I've became solo, looked at myself and I can sing more free compared to before. I suppose other members are boosting up too. I think bundled 5 arrows have become stronger than 10 arrows. I approved Sugizo joining X JAPAN for LUNA SEA to grow further. Reunion is possible… I think.

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