Saturday, October 03, 2009

Preview of the drama ‘My Girl/マイガール'

Arashi member, Masaki Aiba, presented on the 4 cities simultaneous preview of the drama ‘My Girl/マイガール' in which he starred. “It's a little bit embarrassing to watch on such a big screen. It's a warm story though sad things happened. I'm very happy to challenge new stuff in the 10th anniversary of Arashi.” said by Aiba.

‘My Girl' is based on the same title serial manga in Comic Weekly. Kasama Masamune (Aiba) received the obituary of the girl, Yoko, who disappeared 6 years ago. Meanwhile, Masamune found that Yoko secretly gave birth to his daughter and he decided to live with her, Koharu. The drama focuses on the communication between Masamune and Koharu. Aiba was wearing high school uniform in the drama, “Once I put on the uniform, I feel like becoming a taxi driver. I also tried to put on glasses and change my hair style. It's 120 point to me.” said Aiba, “It's kind of terrible to be looked at by other members in Arashi. So I had them send it to my house.” said Aiba while smiling. “The common point with the role I played is being indecisive. We are just the same!” When he was asked about the “ideal woman”, Aiba said: ”Those who come to Arashi's concert!” Cheers burst in the meeting hall, “It's good for a man who can express embarrassing things in a light way.” People around him had a tender feeling.

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