Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Taiga drama 'Ryoma den' airing next year

Airing next year on NHK, the new Taiga drama 'Ryoma den' has already begun filming. As the lead actor in the drama, Fukuyama Masaharu expressed some nervousness taking on the title character. Visiting the set of 'Ryoma den' was this year's Taiga drama lead actor, Tsumabuki Satoshi. He specially bought high class beef to share with the cast and crew of the drama.

Tsumabuki's 'Tenchijin' is already near the end of broadcast. While filming had ended already, Tsumabuki found himself once again at NHK's Tokyo Shibuya studio. Tsumabuki and Fukuyama both exchanged gifts to formally announce the 'handing over' of the drama. Gifts included yonezawa beef from the Yamagata Prefecture where 'Tenchijin' is set, and niitaka pear, a specialty of the Kochi Prefecture where 'Ryoma den' is set. The two actors shook hands to signify the exchange. Fukuyama expressed that, "now it really feels like filming has begun."

For someone who's had a year of experience filming, Tsumabuki shared his techniques with everyone. "Every Friday, Saturday night, everyone will go out for drinks. Sunday is a day to rest and recharge. By Monday it's back to filming as usual. If you keep with that kind of schedule, then the year will pass by very quickly.

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