Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Singer Coco Lee intends to immigrate to singapore

Singer Coco Lee likes Singapore so much that she intends to immigrate here.

The 34-year-old Hong Kong-born singer who was in Singapore over the weekend to perform on the President's Star Charity and to promote her latest Mandarin album "East to West", was full of praise for the city.

"I am seriously considering moving to Singapore. I really like the weather and food here, the streets are clean and the entire city is abundant with greenery. It’s great. I’ve been telling my sister for the past two days that I want to stay here," said Lee, who grew up in San Francisco.

Not one to pay lip service, Lee met and told Singapore's President SR Nathan of her intentions during the President's Star Charity and he extended his welcome in return.

During a media interview, the songbird told reporters that once she returns home, she will collect material and find out more about migrating.

Despite the scorching heat, Lee felt she is more suited to the weather in Singapore as she is sensitive to the cold.

She described the local food as “unforgettable” and professed to have a love for chicken rice and durians.

Lee who has been engaged to Canadian businessman Bruce Rockowitz since 2005, also mentioned that she might possibly set up a family here, “just like Jet Li and Gong Li”.

Though her fiance is not aware of her plans to move here, she said that she believes that he will not object to it as he likes the place and both of them often come to Singapore.

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