Saturday, October 24, 2009

Super Junior Kim HeeChul acting ‘Love You A Thousand Times’ drama

Super Junior Kim HeeChul will reveal his first solo song, which is also the OST song for the drama ‘Love You A Thousand Times’ he is acting in.

He will be singing for his own theme song ‘초별 (First Star)’ in the drama. The song is written by Song JoonHo and composed by Choi MyungHoon, and is a medium tempo rock disco song, singing about one’s first love. This theme song is to express the love of Lee Chul (played by Kim HeeChul) towards NanJung (played by Park SooJin).

This will be HeeChul’s first official solo song, even though he has performed various special solo stages on Super Junior’s concerts.

The song will be revealed on 6th November on various music sites.

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