Saturday, October 24, 2009

Popular group Arashi collaborate with Nihon TV

Popular group Arashi will be doing a collaboration with Nihon TV, from the 25th to Nov 1st, it will extend over 8 days, with Arashi appearing in various tv shows, called 『攐CHALLENGE★week』. To bring it to a finish, on the 1st, they will broadcast a live special titled "Congrats on 10 years!! Tonight, Arashi will create a sensation... Odoroki no Arashi era's big experiment!! Scholars also predict impossible SP & it's called a miracle experiment life!!(7pm) On the 22nd from the same bureau it was announced an unprecedented "Flying through the air stage" live will commence. This live experiment was commented on with a touch of uneasiness by Sakurai Sho who is said to have a fear of heights. "Honestly, I don't really want to do it. Is Won't it fly to somewhere else...? Right now I'm thinking it'll end in failure instead of success."

The experiment will have a helium gas balloon that is 9.6m in length, and a 13.6m width, and Arashi will ride on top, and as the song starts, they will float up, and from about 13 meters above ground they will perform.

In previous concerts, they have used wire, and performing from the air was their own special thing, but this time the "Sky Stage" is a first for them. Matsumoto Jun said, "Lately, we've flown a lot (laughs), but a stage flying in the air is a first. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of stage it will be, but I'm looking forward to it!" Ohno Satoshi also said, "We haven't sung on something like the "Sky Stage", so I'm simply happy! Please watch us sing and float in the air!" so look forward to the date the experiment will be aired.

The "Sky Stage"'s height is no less than 13 meters, so they don't fly off, a rope will be tied to it to ensure their safety but even then the fear is immeasurable. Ninomiya had this to say with a smile to his fans, "We also don't know how it will go, but at this point we will go on with it. (laugh) Everyone in front of the TV, please pray that we can sing safely.

Furthermore, Arashi is challenging this special program to have a 3D broadcast where the figures pop out. When the audience puts on 3D glasses, they will be able to see the members performance in 3D, and show a strong performance. Aiba had this to say with his confidence brimming, "The "Sky Stage", and performing in 3D is a dream project, so we will do our best to show you a fairy tale world. Floating on the sky stage, I think we will be able to show everyone right before your eyes from the TV us flying out in 3D."

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