Thursday, October 22, 2009

'Talk in space concert' last Friday

David Tao held 3 concerts starting last Friday for his . After being too energetic in the first two concerts, during his third at Hsinchu, fans reported that he sounded tired in his voice, and expressed their disappointment.

David Tao gave up on holding a grand and prestigious concert, and chose to hold his concert at a small venue to be nearer to fans. From last Friday to Sunday, he held three concerts at Kaohsiung, Taichong, and Hsinchu. This Friday and Saturday, he will hold two more concerts at Taipei International Convention Center.

Singing three concerts back to back is a big challenge, and David Tao really did tired himself. Some fans expressed on the web that David Tao’s voice sounded odd right at the start of the concert, and said that he had obviously "exhausted his voice." And because David Tao cared too much about controlling his voice, it led to other mistakes. Nonetheless, David Tao tried hard to elevate the audience. However, fans indicated that they would rather hear David Tao cancel the concert like what Jacky Cheung did in due to a flu. This way, he would not damage his voice.

In regards to this, Gold Typhoon expressed, "David Tao was too tired. What happened at that concert was an unexpected situation. In addition, he was not familiar with the venue at Hsinchu. He didn’t prepare his voice well in the beginning, but he warmed up and had a great time singing later."

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