Saturday, October 24, 2009

Butterfly music video had released

G-Dragon has released the music video for Butterfly. This song has some story behind it. Not only was the song hand picked by G-Dragon himself as his favorite song on the album, it's also been accused of plagiarism.

We were informed of this music video's October 23rd release yesterday and now it's here!

Originally, it was announced that A Boy would be the third music video to be released but I guess he went with the song he felt was the best. The song itself is different from his other tracks. It has an acoustic guitar introduction and features Jin Jung. It's not even a dance song but more of an alternative rap song where G-Dragon almost sounds like he's singing for the most part.

The song is very romantic and the music video portrays it very well through purposeful animation. This video ends the series of singles for his mini album, it brings together the art direction for the album and its very "Alice in wonderland" like. Although fans were surprised that he chose Butterfly, we all know you ladies love anything G-Dragon. His previous music videos include "Heartbreaker" and "Breathe".

Since G-Dragon is currently promoting A Boy on stage, people were confused. To that YG Entertainment said, "He will promote A Boy on music shows and promote Butterfly with the music video at the same time."

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