Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tohoshinki singing theme song for "BREAK OUT!"

It was revealed on the 28th that Korea's popular 5-member group, Tohoshinki, will be singing the theme song "BREAK OUT!" (on sale this winter) for NHK's new drama 「とめはねっ!鈴里高校書道部」 (starting next year 7th January, Thursday, 8pm).

Having sung the drama theme song "A Thousand Year Love Song" for NHK's period drama "The Legend" (2007~2008), this is their first Japanese production with the same agency. After attending last year's Kouhaku Uta Gassen for the first time, and holding a successful 2-day Tokyo Dome tour, they are "a group with the most power" (agency), and were selected among other artists.

The OST is a lively pop song. It's a story about struggling through competitions and love, and takes place in a high school's calligraphy club, ♪つかみとれ未来 運命なんて きっとMake yourself 君次第 (T/N: Seizing the future, you have to make your own fate, it's up to you); the song relays the message of pushing forward for your dreams. The leader, Yunho (23), commented, "It's a song that supports the feelings of any youth who is doing his best."

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