Friday, October 02, 2009

Top.AZ full MV will be out soon

3-member lady group Top.AZ will take on the challenge of the domination of the girlgroups.

The group comprise of musical diva HongJoo, Kim Bom and SeonYeong and they revealed a teaser video of their title song ‘Don’t you believe noona?’ off their 1st digital single ‘Sixth Sense’.

Their name stands for being the top artiste from A to Z hence Top.AZ.

Member HongJoo has been known to have participated in several musicals like ‘파이브코스’ and ‘Really Really Like You’ etc as the female lead. Kim Bom has also participated in various musicals like ‘Rocky Horror Show’, ‘Shout’, and ‘해어화’.

The full MV will be out on 6th October.

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