Friday, October 02, 2009

Zheng Yuan Chang becoming a singer

Zheng Yuan Chang venturing to the music industry and becoming a singer, his EP was well-received since its released, but since his series have made such a big impression on the viewers, once the radio interview received call-in from the listeners, they will immediately have fans calling in and strongly pairing him up with Lin Yi Chen, hoping the on-screen couple will become a real couple, Xiao Zong doesn’t not whether he should cry nor laugh with this and says: [When we get married, will give you invitation for sure.]

In the TV series [It Started With A Kiss], Lin Yi Chen has to pursue him diligently but in the MV of his latest single [Unwilling To Give Up], both of them played the roles as childhood best friends, having Xiao Zong crashing hard on her and still unable to win her heart over, feeling disheartened. Xiao Zong said in the past he won’t give up on love easily, even when he was being rejected he will still be looking over her secretly, there’s once where his level of madness will be having him talking on the phone at night for 8 to 9 hours; but after stepping into the entertainment industry, he has yet to meet his true love, work comes first [Just started as a singer, to him when he is free, the most important thing for him to do will be sleeping].

It’s busy to be a singer, Xiao Zong was busy signing autographs for fans in Taiwan and from overseas, working overtime in the company, using 3 hours to sign thousands of autographs, feeling content even though it’s hard work, the happiest part for him to become a singer is that promotional clothes are being provided, no need to spend money on what to wear, during the small break of his promotion events he will use his iPhone to plurk, posting his events happenings and was getting well-response by it.

The eve of the Mooncake Festive, it will be Xiao Zong’s first day of class since his classes started, and at the same time he has used his free time to experience car washing with the gifted workers, giving them pomelos as encouragement, he also reveals that last time he used to wait on tables, selling clothes in the mall as well, was once a low-paid worker too; since his financial abilities has now been improved so of course he has to help up others who are in need.

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