Monday, October 26, 2009

Upcoming new music album "Seven Days"

During filming for a music video in his upcoming new music album, Seven Days, Taiwanese indie singer, Crowd Lu, was nearly involved in an accident while driving towards one of the gardens in Taipei. His car tires were punctured when he bumped into one of the pot-holes on the road surface and started to spin out of control.

As the car was heading towards the 20m protective railing near the beach, the driver started to reduce the speed of the car and prevented the situation from turning into a disastrous car accident.

Unfazed by his near-accident encounter, Crowd continued with his optimistic performance for his title track, "Oh Yeah". The 24-year-old singer also invited his juniors, room mates and fellow classmates from Tamkang University to star in his latest music video.

Crowd appeared visibly pleased with his popularity amongst friends and schoolmates. His attempt to revisit his varsity memories were aptly shown in the music video which was shot at various corners in the school for example, the library, a bus and the hostel.

An ex-roommate of Crowd exclaimed that the biggest advantage from knowing the singer would be the free singing sessions they get to listen to at his place.

It is not easy for singers to juggle between their studies and work as Crowd grimaced, "As there are too many things, I am unable to attend classes as there are too many things There are some consequences but I really do not have a choice."

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