Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Album "Super Girl" and "Moving On" revealed in beijing

On October 26, 2009, Korean group Super Junior-M and powerful R&B young diva Zhang Liyin revealed their new releases in Beijing for a Sohu showcase. Together, SJM revealed their mini-album "Super Girl" and Zhang Liyin revealed her second single, "Moving On". On the press day, SJM was decked in suave black suits, looking exceptionally handsome and making many fans in the audience scream excitedly. Meanwhile, their junior Zhang Liyin wore a petite pink dress, accessorized with a chain of small pearls.

Zhang Liyin's single, "Moving On"; SJM's Donghae became an intimate partner on-set

Through the lyrics, "standing at boundary of a sunny day and a rainy day", the title track, "Moving On" is a romantic R&B song that speaks of a couple who breaks up, creating an aesthetic imagery of that feeling. Also, the MV invited SJM's Donghae to guest star. Not long is the song stunning to listen to, watching the two people's intimate relationship in the MV is visually appealing. Altogether, this unsettled many of the fans. After the broadcast of the song, the fans in the audience couldn't help but exclaim: Zhang Liyin is too well-liked!

In today's fun and games, since they weren't in the MV this time around, Han Geng and Siwon pretended to be the couple on-stage, re-enacting intimate scenes in "Moving On". The host then said: So this is "brotherly love," humouring many audience members. Not to be outdone, other SJM members also followed suit, making the nearby Liyin silent in embarrassment.

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