Tuesday, October 13, 2009

“You’re Beautifu” will be airing next week

New drama airing on Wednesdays and Thursday is the drama titled “You’re Beautiful.” Excatly what makes this drama catch attention of the viewers? It involves some eye candy faces, new faces, and a drama plot that is bound to have some twists and turns. Don’t worry, KBites be will highlighting these key features.

It’s only the second episode and many viewers are comparing the drama to other great dramas of this year like Boys Over Flowers and Shining Inheritance. The truth is …. the drama had already caused commotion when the stars were casted. Jang GeunSuk, Lee HongKi, Jung YongHwa, Uee, and Park ShinHye had the netizens talking about “You’re Beautiful” being the next idol / new faces drama. Primmadonnas were already marking their calendars with the new of the angel voice, Lee HongKi, being casted.

Synopsis :-
On the 7th of October, the drama aired starting off the drama at a fairly high percentage of viewers. Jang GeunSuk, Lee HongKi, and Jung YongHwa are members of the famous Korean boy band A.N.JELL. Park ShinHye is asked to join this boy band for her twin brother, and she joins the band dressed as a male. This already had the netizens talking about the male-acting of ShinHye would be the next Yoon EunHye and her role in the drama Coffee Prince.

Then, the second episode that was aired, with display of the connection of the band members with Jung YongHwa showing his interests for ShinHye, HongKi questioning the identity of ShinHye, and lastly GeunSuk’s dislike toward ShinHye. Nothing is set in stone as the ending of the second episode leaves the viewers to question if any of the band members had found out that ShinHye had actually been a girl in the band.

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