Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Autumn Concerto rating increasing

SETTV idol drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ ratings have reached a new high. The second female lead Tiffany Hsu’s character is very loveable, making the audience unsure of whether to support her or the female lead Ady An.

Last week, ‘Autumn’s Concerto’s storyline entered a new phase. SETTV expressed that not only did ratings reach a new high of 4.25, the 15-44 year old segment rating also reached a new high of 5.7. After main leads Vanness Wu & Ady An received affirmation from the audience, Tiffany’s character and performance is also very loveable, and the audience feel that her love and dedication isn’t any less than Ady’s character. Recently, Tiffany has also become a hot topic in online discussion forums.

Towards receiving affirmation from the audience and the good ratings, Tiffany feels surprised but happy. She said that she previously spent a long time discussing with the director about the best way to play her character Yi Qian. So to get rid of her past selfish and annoying roles, she decided to use a rather neutral method to interpret her character this time. Unexpectedly, this has allowed her to receive affirmation from the audience but many people expressed: “A too loveable second female lead makes us sink into a dilemma, who should we support?”

Last week’s storyline showed Vanness lying in Tiffany’s arms, and this made her so touched that natural tears started pouring out. To adjust her mood for this scene, Tiffany first arranged a situation in her mind, making herself completely immersed into the scene. She said: “When filming crying scenes, I usually think of my sick family members, so then I can completely relax my mood and cry!”

Other than this, Xiao Xiao Bin’s cuteness is invincible. His first appearance in ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ last week immediately captured the audience’s hearts. Many netizens felt that Xiao Xiao Bin is too cute, and even more talented than his father Xiao Bin Bin. His each and every expression was portrayed very well, and after Xiao Bin Bin heard this, he laughed saying he didn’t mind: “Right now as a father, all I feel is immense pride!” Xiao Xiao Bin’s dialogue is very smooth, his baby voice is extremely loveable, he’s extremely cute and has been given the title of ‘child prodigy’.

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