Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kim Bum upcoming movie and release a single album

Actor Kim Bum recently put out a single album in Japan — after showing off his vocal skills with the song he recorded on the additional Boys Before Flowers — and now he’s putting out a photoessay collection.

Kim Bum said, “After the broadcast ended for my drama Dream, I traveled to England. Over ten days from October 23, I toured London and the surrounding areas, and I’ve gathered the photographs I shot into an essay collection. You’ll be able to see it soon.” The photos aren’t solely vacation memories but aims to promote an environmental message.

He added, “I’ve wanted to release a book that I put my name on, so this is a dream come true. This was my first trip to England, and I really enjoyed myself. I feel great to be able to experience the culture of environmentalism myself and introduce it [to Korea].”

Meanwhile, Kim Bum has a movie still to be released (action-romance Bisang), and is enjoying a lot of popularity even if his last drama, Dream, flopped.

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