Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Jade Liu mini album <轉寄 Forward>

After last year’s full album, <我就是這樣 I Am Who I Am> , Jade Liu of China’s Super Girl fame will be releasing her new mini album <轉寄 Forward> on the 6th of this month. One of the new songs included is also a mirror of her feelings during her stay abroad in England.

The mini album includes three new songs: <禮物 Present>, <一個人就好 Just Alone> and <崇拜你 Idolizing You>. Jade comments, “Even though this is just a tiny EP, but these three songs completely represent my emotional feelings throughout this entire year”.

Title track ’s lyrics was written by Jade herself, and is based on how she traveled to England for love in the past, and how she thought that she could live on just movies, music and love.

Jade says, “I only realized that our schools were so far apart when I arrived in England, and it was so hard for us to meet up. I was unable to adapt to the place, the cold weather and the food, so I spent a lonely period of time all alone.”

This period of being “Lost in England” has lead to Jade being jokingly nicknamed “The Lost Lover of England”, but when she thinks back on her experience now, she feels that all of what she has gone through, good or bad, are presents; and the biggest present of all would be her growing up through these trials and tribulations.

She reveals that the last time she was in Taiwan, she had a sudden stroke of inspiration the night before her recording. After crying in her hotel room, the lyrics of were born.

One part of it goes: “I run barefooted, my blood and tears flow nonstop, I throw away my pride, and admit that I’ve been through hardships”, and Jade admits that “I was alone in another country at that time, so when I heard the demo it was particularly touching”.

In the EP, Jade also sings , written by Tanya Chua, showing a lazy, relaxed side of her voice. In order to promote her new mini album, Jade has come to Taiwan again, but this time she’s no longer going to be lonely.

Apart from tasting the local cuisine, she also researched on swimming pools and bicycle tracks, taking the time to swim and cycle in order to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that Taipei is known for.

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