Thursday, November 05, 2009

Jimmy Lin’s concert at Shanghai Grand Theatre

Jimmy Lin’s concert will be held at the Shanghai Grand Theatre on Nov 21, 2009. He autographed tickets for fans yesterday at the Nanjing Road 353 Plaza. The session was at 7:30pm but large group of fans gathered long before that. Jimmy disclosed that the guest of honor Leon Jay Williams (from My Lucky Star) will bring surprises to the concert.

Jimmy announced the birth of his son last month. Fans wanted to see him in Shanghai more than ever. To thank his fans he took time off from concert preparation to meet them. Because he injured his hand recently instead of signing autographs he used a stamp and shook hands with fans. Fans sent their best wishes to the new father. Jimmy didn’t take any breaks during the entire session. Even though his hand was hurting he greeted each fan warmly with a smile.

This is the new father’s first appearance in Shanghai. It attracted a large crowd of fans and media who packed the plaza. The media were curious about the new “Lin Baba”. They also sent their best wishes. As to whether his family will attend his concert, Jimmy said his family will definitely be there but whether the baby will attend “is a secret, not to be disclosed now”. Even though he is still not used to be called a father he is very professional in his showbiz work. He would not leak any details about the concert but only said “Last year’s concert was at the Hongkou stadium. Because of the open space I couldn’t interact with the fans. This time it’s in the Theatre and there will be zero distance between us. I hope to spend a memorable evening with the fans.” New songs and dances and secret ideas will surprise everyone. The only thing he disclosed is that Leon Jay Williams will be the guest of honor.

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