Wednesday, November 11, 2009

" Man and Woman: War and Peace " coming soon

The stage play headlined by Ariel Lin and Denise Ho, will be showing soon. Due to the production being entirely in Mandarin, the cast of the play is in Taiwan rehearsing and rehearsals run up to 10 hours per day.

Due to the strenuous schedule of dancing and singing everyday, the exhaustion levels are high for every member of the cast. But the two leads are enjoying themselves, and both Ariel and Denise have fun playing when practicing Super Junior’s dance.

According to sources, the two will do a ballroom dance as part of the storyline.

Denise faces a fixed level of difficulty reading her Mandarin lines, and has been practicing relentlessly ever since she received her script. Whenever she has problems with the pronunciation of certain words, she will consult Ariel. Similarly, Ariel asks Denise for help with Cantonese, and the two have become each other’s teacher at each language.

Ariel, who is taking part in a stage play for the first time, seems to enjoy Denise’s company, and they even call each other “Gugu”. Because of this production, Ariel has rejected four dramas and one movie, losing more than ten million TWD in the process. Coupled with the bruises she gets during her rehearsals, Ariel’s mother has been very worried for her daughter.

Director Lin Yih-hwa has high praises for both Ariel and Denise, complimenting Denise on being an actress with very high standards for herself and strong devotion to her character. Ariel on the other hand, is an outstanding actress who understands her role well, and works hard into developing the character that she plays.

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