Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yamashita Tomohisa 'Loveless' will be out soon

NEWS member Yamashita Tomohisa will soon be releasing his solo single 'Loveless'! At the end of this month Yamashita will also be holding his 3 day concert 'TOMOHISA YAMASHITA First Solo SHORT BUT SWEET ~短いけれどいい時間を ~ [Mijikai-keredo Ii Jikan o]'. Yamashita is busily rehearsing and preparing everyday. He shared his thoughts about the upcoming live performance. He sounded ready to take on the large-size venue.

Yamashita "As regards to the concert everything is gradually beginning to fall into place! I've been rehearsing everyday, and so my leg muscles hurt. But it's really fun. There is no such thing as too much dancing."

Also! Today (November 11th) is Tegoshi Yuya's birthday! Fellow member Koyama Keiichiro sent an early Happy Birthday message.

Koyama "Tegoshi! HAPPY BIRTHDAY♪ I know it's a bit early. You still don't look as old as Shige. (laugh) [NEWS member Kato Shigeaki is said to look more mature than he really is.] Hope you have a good year!"

NEWS just released their concert DVD 'NEWS LIVE DIAMOND'! Keep your eyes locked on NEWS!

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