Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tokyo Disney Sea is a theme park at Tokyo Disneyland

On November 20th in the evening, the popular five member group took over Tokyo Disney Sea to hold a special event. [Tokyo Disney Sea is a theme park adjacent to Tokyo Disneyland.] Artists such as Yazawa Eikichi and Tohoshinki have also performed events in the same place.
Arashi appeared at 'Mediterranean Harbor' on a boat. They sang a greatest hits medley in which they performed 6 songs including 'One Love' and 'A・RA・SHI'. At the last part of the show 44 Disney characters led by Mickey Mouse joined in. While fireworks went up, the Arashi members concluded the event with a dreamlike finale.
3500 pairs of fans, or 7000 people were invited to the event for free. 5 million applications had been sent. That meant that 1400 applications had been made for each highly sought after ticket. Matsumoto Jun wryly smiled and revealed "Even all my family members couldn't win a ticket." All five members had visited Tokyo Disney Resort countless times since they had been little, so they really enjoyed holding an event there. Group leader Ohno Satoshi said "We still can't believe it. It's a surreal experience."

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