Monday, November 23, 2009

Park Yong Ha release 8th single '最後の人 / Saigo no Hito

On November 18th at Lazona Kawasaki Plaza, Park Yong Ha held a release event for his 8th single '最後の人 / Saigo no Hito [lit. 'Last Person']'. It was the first time in over 2 years for him to hold an event in Japan. His last event had taken place at Pacifico Yokohama in August 2007. 10,000 female fans flocked to the Plaza. As scheduled, at 16:30, Park appeared on stage. Screams of joy rang out. Park responded to the fans' cheers in Japanese. "I'm really thankful to see so many people here!"

For about 20 minutes Park discussed a variety of subjects. He talked about incidents that had happened while recording the new song, and also about his appearance in the drama series 'Xmas no Kiseki / Christmas no Kiseki [lit. 'Christmas Miracle']', which is currently being broadcast nationwide by Fuji TV. [Park's new single is the title theme song of the drama.] He revealed that he had had a hard time with the Japanese in the drama's script. After the talk show he performed '最後の人 / Saigo no Hito'. The 10,000 fans were fascinated by his singing.

He jokingly commented "I've finally come back to Japan. I wish I could have visited sooner. If it were possible, I will like to continuously meet my Japanese fans. But if I come too often you might all grow tired of me (laugh)." The wildly successful event drew to a close.

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