Monday, November 23, 2009

Vic Zhou acts in "Love you for 10.000 years"

Vic Zhou (Zaizai) acts in the Taiwanese movie "Love you for 10.000 years" which will have the same low budget as "Cape N°7", having studied Cinema, the japanese director Kitamura Toyoharu( also known as Bei Cun Feng Qing北村豐晴)and the crew are all very young, with Zaizai, they all meddle well and have fun together; even though everyone is new in the Movie sphere, the preparation for the filming was done really well, and the cast had to come to the place to reheasr even before they started filming, Zaizai and guest star, actress Lei Hao 郝蕾 had been preparing for a scene in a bar, and they spent 3 hours just to study the script and dialogue together.

This movie is about Zaizai being a rocker; most of the scenes will occur in a bar, and almost every night will be spent filming, Zaizai has to start early and finish late, he state that the filming process is really hard but, to be able to work with such a young crew ignited many sparks; they would often gather to study the script and dialogue together, asked about his hopes for this movie, Zaizai frankly said that he only hope the audience will like it, that'd be enough. This time, his character will have a lot of "comedy" ingredients, and he wishes to successfully become a comedy actor.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure the movie will be wonderful just because Zai-Zai is in it! Can't wait to watch it!