Monday, November 23, 2009

B'z released 17th album 'MAGIC'

B'z has just released their 17th album 'MAGIC' on November 18th. One of the songs included in the album, 'long time no see', will become the title theme song for the Friday night drama series 'サラリーマン金太郎 2 / Salary-man Kintaro 2' to be broadcast next year in January by Fuji TV!

The first season of the drama was broadcast last year in autumn. The first episode's TV rating was 13.8%, setting a new record for a Friday night drama. For season 2 the story and the characters will be 'enhanced'. The drama's main character is a corporate employee, a man with strong convictions who doesn't care much for niceties. The drama shows how the employee fights his way through tumultuous times. The energetic B'z song perfectly matches the storyline.

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