Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wilber Pan forgoten his song lyrics

Wilber Pan might look strong and healthy but he actually has injuries all over, and he can't remember his song lyrics, not even the ones that he wrote himself. It seems like he's going to be able to challenge senior Emil Chau Wakin (Zhou Hua Jian) for the title of "King of Forgetting Lyrics"! Emil Chau set a highest record of needing 6 cue prompters for his concert and its been confirmed that Wilber, who is 20 years younger than him will be requiring 5 cue prompters for his concert at Taipei Arena. One of them will be set up on the 2nd floor to prevent him from forgetting his lyrics when he moves up on stage.

Wilber claims that he has a pretty good memory normally. He can clearly remember which year he had which love rumors but memorizing lyrics is his greatest problem. "Dance For Two (雙人舞) filmed the MV in Korea and I had to repeat the lyrics twenty to thirty times. For public performances I've sang it around twenty times too. But I still can't remember the lyrics till now." When going on shows in Hong Kong and singing this song, he had to mumble over a few lines even and when he himself saw the shows, he couldn't help exclaiming "Its ridiculous"!

The lyrics for "Happy Idol (快樂崇拜)" was written by him and he has sang that song for many years. Yet he has never sang it right before. "I'll keep memorizing the song backstage and I'll be able to sing. Once I step on stage though, I would have forgotten them all."
Seeing how forgetful Wilber is, the music company has already given up on getting him to memorize the lyrics and has encouraged him to stock up on Gingko which is good for the brain. They automatically prepared 5 cue prompters to use and the big screen at the performance venue will also have the song lyrics shown. Wilber laughed and say "There's so many cue prompters. I'm not afraid of forgetting lyrics anymore."

As his left knee injury is still not healed till now, he has been drinking a lot of chinese medicinal soup to help heal. The doctors have advised him to stop dancing but he can't do it and has stopped visiting them. He terms himseflt as the entertainment circle's version of NBA star Allen Iverson who still continued to passionately play basketball after his injury. Wilber even claimed that his "Metal Pan" who isn't scared of injuries.

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