Saturday, November 28, 2009

"Koshonin" movie will be in theaters

The additional cast members of the "Koshonin" movie have been revealed. The movie, first announced in July, is based on the popular TV Asahi drama series that is currently in its second season.

Like the drama series, the "Koshonin" film will star Ryoko Yonekura (34) as a police negotiator. She will be joined by the other main characters from the show, but six new names have been added to the cast of the movie: Takashi Sorimachi (35), Kento Hayashi (18), Hiroki Narimiya (27), Toshiro Yanagiba (48), Isao Hashizume (68), and Masahiko Tsugawa (69). One of them will be the criminal responsible for a bombing and a hijack.

Some details about their characters are known. Tsugawa is a former leading journalist; Hashizume is a politician with ambitions of becoming Prime Minister; Narimiya is the president of an IT venture company; Yanagiba is the pilot of the hijacked plane; Sorimachi and Hayashi are passengers on the plane.

The "Koshonin" movie will open in theaters on February 11.

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