Saturday, December 05, 2009

Actor "Storm Riders" is at Chengdu

Ekin Cheng, Aaron Kwok, Charlene Choi (Ah Sa), Tang Yin and director Pang Brothers, recently flew to Chengdu to attend the movie "Storm Riders" of the media briefing. Among Aaron's height and age into focus, made him a bit Zhaojiabuzhu.

Gallery sitting first row a short hair black woman seized the microphone after the opening has not been the first flow of tears, but said: "The daughter says ... ... so you wait a long time ... ... I am a journalist, now he can finally a confession to you. "slight pause, she continued sobbing:" I like Hello for many years, may I ask how do you maintain it? because it now appears that there is no change as before. "cheeky embarrassed daughter says that their maintenance of the Road that is a bit more optimistic, do back to her.

City Buildings, on assuming power has been found that high heel shoes, with his play in the opponent's Tang Yan also wearing a pair of ultra-high heels, so that the height of two instantaneous interest the media. City Buildings and asked the tall and lanky Tang Wee Will there be pressure on the show? He was unhappy that the black-faced improve the voice said: "I do not think there is a special, in fact, not that high Tang Yin, and she is wearing high heels today only." Tang Yin-fat, thin, tall, short, on that will not affect a professional actors play. City Buildings also made that year training in the arts class, the teacher had told him that "『 of your achievements are the best, but the shape is the worst of 』, so I can only work a good film, rather than rely on appearance to be recognized . "Naka Castle also said with a smile 11 years later, that they have become more mature, when the master of ceremonies asked City Buildings Chao Tang Yan" discharge "when there are fans booing crowd shouted," Lynn, Lynn ... ... ", the black City Buildings face more pronounced.

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