Saturday, December 05, 2009

Freeze had a concert last night

Freeze last night concert titled "Mo Dengjia woman", and Qi enjoyed wearing sexy stockings sexy dance shirt. Chen Yue Yao's dancing bold, among them Bo leg movements. However, they are denied the very sexy, but also means the clothes have packets to the upper neck. Reporter that their shirt is the perspective of, Freeze said there wearing Bra, have been laid down at the end. They also revealed that the songs will be more bold in MV, will touch each other, giving homosexual feelings. Shi Yong Li says with a laugh: "It was the Department of one climax after another." Asked another complaint that they are not afraid of MV do? Freeze refers to their MV, when compared with foreign countries has been a good little things, now? "Die" than they would be more fresh. Shooting day, they will not be embarrassed, but tolerance can not laugh. That touch each other during the critical parts have touched do? Chen Yue Yao said "peanuts", most of the mouth movements are also borrow scene was shot.

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