Saturday, December 19, 2009

Anson Hu and Cyndi Wang mini-concert at Taipei

Yesterday, Anson Hu and Cyndi Wang held a mini-concert in front of Taipei Station, where it was slightly snowing in 10ยบ C weather. Special guest Zhang Yun Jing brought them ice cream. The three were shivering while eating the dessert. Luckily, their fans’ enthusiasm was enough to “warm up” their closed vocal chords.

Anson Hu, who has released his “Unemployment Love Song” album, and Cyndi Wang, who simultaneously released “Heart to Heart”, collaborated together to host a small mini-concert. Unfortunately, they met with the cold. When Zhang Yun Jing came up to present the ice cream, both artists yelped: “Do you want us to become snowmen or our throats to close up?” The three colleagues huddled together against the wind, using up 8 hand-warmers in total.

Cyndi Wang took the stage first, bringing along dancers who each weighed over 120 kg to perform “Heart to Heart”. She laughed: “Together our total weight is almost 300 kg. It feels as if the stage is continuously shaking. But then I’m lucky to have these two ‘fatties’ by my side. Then I can still feel some warmth in this cold.”

Anson followed with singing “Unemployment Love Song” and then a duet of “Black Dress” with Zhang Yun Jing; this was the song he specially wrote for her. Fans were amazed by his accompaniment vocals and ability to give the melody a different feel. Zhang Yun Jing jokingly asked for another song from him: “I’ve already started to collect songs for my new album. I just need your title single.” Anson replied: “Didn’t you promise me to write your own songs? Where are they?” Jing could not reply.

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