Saturday, December 19, 2009

Show luo new album release soon

Show Luo's newest 7th musical work will start pre-ordering on December 22nd, Golden Typhoon Records Company dropped 30 million TWD on this album, this allowed Show to take a team of people to New York and take photographs as well as film an MV, he had to crazily change into 10 different styles of outfits at a low temperature of under zero degrees celsius, not only did Show get frostbite, it was so cold he couldn't speak right, loudly spoke : "Pig Style English".

Show Luo expressed that being able to travel to New York to have a photoshoot makes him very happy, this time his record company designed ten different models of clothing styles, increasing his level to "accessory category trendy man", only, less than 10 minutes of taking pictures already made his face stiff, four female employees held onto blankets being on call, once the photographer puts down his camera, the four beautiful ladies shoot towards Show like an arrow, making bypassing males stare in envy.

But Show Luo bitterly smiled saying: "They think that being served by four beautiful women must be comfortable, actually that day was very dry so when they touched my body it would often cause a soft electric shock, I was shocked so much that I kept complaining, really wasn't fortunate enough to enjoy it!"

Filming from day to night, Show Luo's ten toes were frozen so stiff that they curled inwards, he jokingly said that it was like binding his feet, sitting in the extra long Cadillac Limousine his record company especially rented for Show for two hours, costing $100,000TWD, his body was able to warm up a little. But with his optimistic personality he didn't forget to find joy in this sorrow, using his "super fast English memorizing method" to turn phrases he often hears like "Something Like That" into "Shang Xin Lai Le (Heart Break Has Come)"; "God Bless You" was turned into a Taiwanese version "Ji Ka Pi Xiu (One Paper Box)", everyone convulsed in laughter, he successfully helped the employees forget about the cold.

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