Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Elva Hsaio have her performance for New Year’s Eve

Elva Hsaio has been practicing hard for her performance for New Year’s Eve. Her friend of more than 10 years, Van Ness Wu, visited her in the studio and brought chocolates and amethyst. The crew furiously forbade her to eat them, but when Van Ness tried to feed her a small piece of chocolate in his hand, she almost bit his whole hand off!

Because Van Ness is spending New Year’s in the United States with his family, he will be unable to attend Elva’s performance. Elva invited him to be an overseas guest, even jokingly asking, “Could I dirty dance against your body?” Van Ness eagerly agreed, replying, “So if I have a concert, and I invite you as a guest, may I have the same treatment?” making Elva blush furiously.

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