Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Born Rich officially finished airing

On Sunday December 13, 2009 grand product, Born Rich officially finished airing. While the drama's overall ratings were average, Nancy Sit still had the heart to invite the entire cast for dinner with 13 tables of guests to watch the Born Rich finale episode together. Last night every one except Joe Ma, Kenix Kwok and Gallen Lo, majority of Born Rich's crew members showed up for dinner including Ray Lui, Anita Yuen, Jamie Chik and Nancy Sit. This dinner was planned by Nancy Sit as the owner of the restaurant also wanted to celebrate their success. Originally it was only supposed to be 6 tables but more people were invited and had to add tables. Although ratings in Hong Kong were only moderate but in GuangZhou the drama was ranked at No.1. When she went to Beijing, she found she had many new fans and often referred to her by her character's name (Mu Ma or Mu Jeh!), making her very happy. When asked about the differences in ratings, she replied "Ratings are a matter of timing, preferences and viewership. The cast was very strong and extensive, what matters is that everyone was happy." When asked about the rumour of the cast re-collaborating, she replied that she would like to but she had worked lined up until September of 2010.

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