Saturday, December 05, 2009

Film "Mulan" at box office draw

The film "Mulan" in the Mainland to open six days at the box office draw has been broken 50 million, because the trend is very likely to break the 100 million mark, actress Zhao Wei noted that the good news, very happy, more willing to foot, inviting high-level production company and director Jingle Ma celebration in Beijing.

Rumors of pregnancy Zhao Wei, Su Yan celebration day to show up, dress casual, but who are celebrating the same time, she also did not forget long-distance call to congratulate the day before yesterday (December 3) birthday, Jaycee Chan, who plays in the movie Mulan good brothers of the ancestral name, birthday, invite friends and family in Hong Kong to enjoy the day together on the painting "Flower" films, although the play in which he finally died in enemy hands to be, but the devil's character ancestors were not mind, and smiles: "happened to draw on the film is my birthday, we must remember that my bogey』 『die!" Upon saying this, everyone else should be the ancestral name spat as never said that.

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