Saturday, December 05, 2009

MV and album from f.i.r still haven out

F.I.R. has not released an album nor filmed a MV in 2 years. When they went to Yang Ming Mount to film their [We Are] MV, the weather was quite cold. Faye, who was wearing thin layers, recalled all her memories from past MVs: “Female stars are so unlucky.”

The trio’s new album [Rang Wo Men Yi Qi Wei Xiao Ba/Let’s Smile Together] will be released on Christmas Day, the 25th. Amidst the breakup rumors, F.I.R.’s first title song [We Are] dispels such rumors and states once again that “We are F.I.R.” Their record company invited up-and-coming director Chen Ying Zhi to direct the MV and spent much money to create a exotic environment on Yang Ming Mount. This song is a combination of English rock and a dreamy tone. It is a song to satisfy fans’ relentless wait of 2 years.

Before filming, F.I.R. was very excited. But during filming, they got to the site at 4 am in the morning. The temperature was below 10ยบ Celsius. Faye, who wore a thin long dress, shivered while complaining: “Female stars are quite unlucky. They always have to wear thin layers. Can someone sew on some sleeves for me?”
The director dug a big hole, creating a huge white-colored entrance to the hole. He asked F.I.R. to climb from the hole in order to depict a rebirth. Faye, who wore the long dress and high heels, found it hard to move. She almost fell directly into the hole. But as she looked at the beautiful scenery in front of her, she said: “It feels like I’m in Canada.” As the sun set, the entire crew went to Riverside Park. The director created a snow setting; many people who were exercising in the park were curious. In the short 10 minutes of filming, the fake snow cost about 300,000 TWD. But the results were beyond satisfactory. The trio anticipates the reactions from their fans.

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