Sunday, December 13, 2009

F.I.R new album "Let's Smile! (讓我們一起微笑吧)"

F.I.R. has been formed for 5 years and held a hot-air balloon promotion for their "Let's Smile! (讓我們一起微笑吧)" album pre-order a few days ago. For this event, Real (阿沁) even went and skipped a meal to reduce his weight in hopes that they'll successfully rise into the air. The wind ended up being too big though and their hot air balloon could only leave the ground for half a person's height.
The music company wanted the hot air balloon to symbolise how their album sales will shoot up. There is a weight limit set for each hot air balloon and F.I.R members add up to roughly 180kg. With the addition of an instructor, they were slightly over the 200kg limit.

Originally, the company planned for the three to control the hot air balloon themselves but Faye immediately objected. Real thus tried to go on a weight loss, seeing that a 1kg loss will mean 1kg extra safety. Their plan was to rise up to 30m above.

Unfortunately, the weather was not with them that day. The music company spent three hundred thousand on renting the space, hot air balloon and all the additional decorations but the wind ended up being too strong. The professional instructor estimated that it wasn't suitable for the hot air balloon to rise up.

Faye immediately smiled when she heard the news "Great! We don't have to fly up! I saw the hot air balloon drifting earlier and it looks dangerous." In the end, the hot air balloon could only leave the ground for a few inches. The symbolic meaning was achieved. Faye still kept shouting "So scary! Don't rise it anymore!"

This new album is to commemorate F.I.R's fifth year of formation and Real expressed that "We went through much storms and hurricane as we progressed this 5 years. But everything will brighten up. No amount of words can beat a simple smile."

Thus he and the designer created 5 types of "Smile Badge" to give out as pre-order gifts and also for their promotion clothes. The new album pre-orders begin on the 11th and the actual release will be on the 25th.

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