Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gillian Chung new song "Thinking"

Gillian Chung went to a radio station to promote her new song "Thinking" yesterday. She felt it was quite special collaborating with Ben Chong and MC Jin for the first time. She also felt her dancing was different to her past performances. The reporter asked if she will choose to go down the dancing route? She said "I learned dancing for a while and I would feel it be a waste if I didn't dance. I didn't think too much yet people won't ask if the lyrics are related because it's a fast tempo song. People will focus on my dancing. The song is for an advertisement therefore the lyrics are related to it".

In addition, Gillian revealed that her solo EP will be released next month. "I am very nervous. When it is released I will be shooting a Mainland series. I will portray 2 roles that go back in the future. This is why I am promoting my songs now. I have recorded everything and even shot the album cover". She feels that pressure is given by herself and will not think too much. She just hopes to do her best and will not compare herself to Charlene's good album sales.

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