Thursday, December 03, 2009

Harlem Yu held a "No End Of Love Tour Concert"

Harlem Yu (Harlem) will be next year, January 9 to 10, held Coliseum leave "No End Of Love Tour Concert", the stage would be designed as an undersea world in which a link will be invited to play a mermaid-Na Zhou, Harlem will be with her singing and dancing, while the director intends to center stage and to build a super-giant fish tank, so that Harlem and the Zhou Na staged a scene in the fish tank in the mermaid's love.

The call out tickets on sale just a few days, with considerable success, Harlem was very nervous after hearing the news, recently he has stepped up rehearsals in order to call out to achieve the desired effect. Q. Will there be more sexy Harlem performing? Harlem laughed: "How can I have the muscles to the fans to see! Even if it is too late now to do fitness, nor dew point performance, because the results will come out good-looking, all listen to me sing good! 哈哈!" Asked whether the band Nannan come to Hong Kong to call out to enjoy? Harlem, said Nan Nan to go to school every day circular tables are too densely packed rows, sometimes more than themselves busy Nan Nan, so if you want to come Nan Nan, Nan Nan degrees in advance with the period.

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