Thursday, December 03, 2009

Film "Mulan"

Mainland actor Chen Kun-Ji and co-director Jingle Ma film "Mulan", he was again with the three major actor Chow Yun-fat has, Jiang Wen and Ge You co new movie "Let the bullets fly." Chen Kun in an interview earlier excitement that the 3 winner is too severe, and the co-operation, to him is a very important matter, because all three division-level actors, to learn too much for. He said: "When shooting, I am naturally whole-heartedly, I would like played better."

Asked him if he likes to work? He confessed that at this stage it is now felt a great power, he is the wanted to go to work. He said: "Every day's work was dense row of Ma Ma, but I'm very happy as long as they want something, I do not mind, even if it does not matter physically tired, and then hard work will be very happy." Asked him if he do not feel too heavy? He said frankly that if the decision of the rest, he must not work, what will not take notice.

Kun said that the present development of China's film market very large, so a lot of people have the opportunity to play, which of course is a good sign, as a part of it, he would not stop, will take every opportunity. He said: "I am not a money-minded person, if not, I can shoot a lot of drama, as it will make more money than the movies, but I would like to cooperate with a good director and crew."

Zhao Wei Chuan pregnant in May

In addition, the "flower" film actress Zhao Wei, magazine cover story yesterday that she was five months pregnant, and in Singapore, to be produced. Was reported that the 33-year-old Zhao Wei, now with the businessman since dating Huang Long, the man that asked her to child-birth, she also began to tobacco and alcohol, and, until that person made after the success of Huang Long and that is on in August at the marriage registration Singapore and Vicki Zhao Although no big row of banquet, but Zhao Wei will receive a gift Guoyi, including investment 10 million and opened a restaurant in Beijing, two in the Mainland over 10 million and 30 million luxury gifts, in view of Zhao Wei in Singapore, to be produced, hence the local buying worth tens of millions of single-block house to her.

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