Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jay Chou new Mandarin album

Jay Chou's "The Treasure Hunter" is coming out with a bang in Mainland China, at the moment Jay Chou is filming "The Green Hornet" in America, he is preparing his new Mandarin album as well as preparing to return to China to help promote "The Treasure Hunter" with Lin Chi Ling. Jay Chou will be doing "The Treasure Hunter" promotional run between the 17th and 23rd in Asia, Jay Chou's part in "The Green Hornet" has landed him a spot in the top 10 new stars in America.

On the 12th, the new Nike trainers designed by Jay Chou and others will be available for sale worldwide. Once again in a moment the passion of the fans have been stirred up. With the help of Jay Chou's current high popularity with "The Treasure Hunter" and also the good words coming back about Jay Chou in "The Green Hornet", this pair should sell well.

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