Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Johnny's Entertainment group V6 is in taipei

Johnny's Entertainment group V6 were in Taipei for concerts on the 21st last month. Fans were upset over the seating arrangements made by the concert organizers. Arguments escalated and fans began complaining online to the Consumer Protection Commission.

For their part in the dispute, Super Dome President Hou Wen Yin offers her apology to the fans. She stated that the seat changes where done at the request of Johnny's. Nothing was done intentionally. The organization had already apologized to the affected fans on the day of the concert. As fans are not seeking monetary compensation, they are at loss as to how to solve the problem. She stated that if fans were able to prove they suffered losses, Super Dome will try to come up with a solution.

A fan by the name of Ms. Lau stated that she and her friends bought tickets for Level 3, Section I, Row 3. Upon entering, staff informed them that because extra filming equipment was needed, their seats had been switched to Section H, Row 15. Disputes ensued afterwards.

"It was a scam!" stated Ms. Lau. Although the price for both sections were the same, the way Taipei Arena is shaped, there is a steep incline within Level 3. From Row 5 onwards, the spaces between the rows also increase, making it difficult for the audience seated there to view the stage clearly.

Afterwards, Ms. Lau went online and found out that Section A, B, I and J in Level 3 were all affected by the seat change. Ms. Lau asks, "who will compensate me for the show?" There were many who lined up overnight to buy tickets. After waiting seven years for V6 to come to Taiwan again, it was unfortunate it had to end like that.

Ms. Lau stated that organizers should have provided better seats as they were the ones that enforced the seat change. Instead, they gave fans worse seats. She says "I saw concerts in Japan over the past 10 years and never heard anything like this". Ms. Lau also said that the areas affected by the seat change were covered in black cloth for half of the concert. Filming only occurred midway through the show. Thus the 'filming equipment' excuse was not very convincing. However, her request for a refund has not been acknowledged yet.

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