Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Upcoming drama "Indigo no Yoru"

A new boy band has formed for the upcoming drama series "Indigo no Yoru," which was announced by Fuji TV last month. Dubbed "INDIGO 4," the group consists of four actors appearing in the drama.

The series is based on a novel by Miaki Kato about an unusual host club whose employees solve mysterious cases. Four of the actors playing hosts on the show are Kosei Amano (31), Akihiro Mayama (21), and twins Manpei and Shinpei Takagi (24). These four will together make their singing debut as the INDIGO 4 unit.

Their first single is titled "Kokoro -Dear my friends-," an R&B tune that will be used as the drama's theme song. The single is scheduled to go on sale on February 24.

"Indigo no Yoru" begins its broadcast run on January 5, airing on weekday afternoons. A stage version featuring the same main cast begins in April.

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