Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kumi Koda new album next year

Pop star Kumi Koda (27) has just started her 10th year since her debut, and she has already announced a new album for next year. In fact, it will be a combined release of her 3rd best album and 8th original album, appropriately titled BEST ~third universe~ & 8th AL "UNIVERSE."

The release consists of 2 discs: one is the 16-song collection "BEST ~third universe~" while the other is a new original album called "UNIVERSE." The latter is expected to contain 13 tracks such as "Lick Me" and her upcoming single "Can We Go Back," including 8 new songs.

The albums will be sold in a standard 2CD edition, a 2CD+DVD edition (expected to include 18 video clips), and a 2CD+chaku-uta edition (which lets the buyer download the chaku-uta versions of all songs on the original album).

BEST ~third universe~ & 8th AL "UNIVERSE" goes on sale on February 3, 2010.

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