Friday, December 11, 2009

Lin Jun Jie releasing his album "Hundred Days"

JJ Lin Jun Jie filmed an MV for his new song and grandly showed his piano playing talent. Besides having a "four hand piano duet" with female lead Shara Lin Yi Xin, he also turned into a crazy piano player and agitatedly played the piano alone. In the end, he got too engross in playing the piano and accidentally fell, causing injury and "seeing red".

JJ is soon releasing his 7th album "Hundred Days" and after having been through coughing out blood and lost of voice which resulted in him returning to Singapore for a 100 day recuperation, he's treasuring everything even more now.

When filming the MV for "The Nth 100 days", the director found Shara Lin from the movie "Summer Time" to be the female lead of the MV. As there are scenes of JJ playing the piano, the director casually asked if Shara knew how to play "Little Bee (小蜜蜂)", wannting to see if she could pretend and then act out the scene. It turned out that she could fluently play a Mozart's piece, surprising the director and JJ. She turned out to have graduated from the music faculty of her university and has great piano playing skill. The director thus immediately added in scenes of them sweet playing a "four hand duet" together.

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